AC Power NOsparc® Products

There are two next-generation AC power NOsparc arc suppressors (for 110Vac to 480Vac).

Single Phase: GGXAC1F480
Three Phase: 3P-GGXAC1F480

  • Up to 480 Vac
  • Circuit fuse rating of 100 A (resistive) and absolute maximum current rating of 235 A(rms)*
  • Panel mount
  • 3-phase configuration pre-assembled on DIN clips
  • UL recognized component
NOsparc GGXAC1F480
* IMPORTANT:  The absolute maximum current rating for NOsparc arc suppressors also represents the maximum allowable Locked Rotor Amperage (LRA) for motor loads and the cold filament inrush current for tungsten loads.