NOsparc® Products

NOsparc® arc suppressors limit risk to motors and other important equipment by protecting the contact points of the power relay, contactor, or snap action switch that controls the device. NOsparc products are designed to protect the contact points from premature destruction due to contact current arcing.

NOsparc arc suppressors have a simple, elegant and straightforward design that allow them to be connected across the contact terminals on existing products and equipment with just two wires! The products are tolerant of harsh environments. Their capabilities will be fully effective even under mixed load conditions.

There are NOsparc products for both AC power and DC power applications.

DC and AC Arc Suppressors

AC Power NOsparc® Products

There are two universal AC power NOsparc arc suppressors (for 110Vac to 480Vac).

Single Phase: GGXAC1F480
Three Phase: 3P-GGXAC1F480

  • Up to 480 Vac
  • Circuit fuse rating of 100 A (resistive) and absolute maximum current rating of 235 A(rms)*
  • Panel mount
  • 3-phase configuration pre-assembled on DIN clips
  • UL recognized component

DC Power NOsparc® Products

There is one universal DC power NOsparc arc suppressor (For 12Vdc to 250Vdc).
NOsparc MGXDC_02_SR

NOsparc MGXDC1F250

  • Up to 250 Vdc
  • Circuit fuse rating of 50 A (resistive) and absolute maximum current rating of 75 A*
  • Panel mount
  • UL recognized component