Patented Technology Increases the Lifetime of Relays by Tenfold

Bloomington, Minn.October 6, 2016

Oshkosh Striker

Oshkosh Striker

Minneapolis-based Arc Suppression Technologies announced today that the Oshkosh Striker, one of the world’s leading aircraft rescue and fire fighting (ARFF) vehicles, has become the first commercial vehicle to use NOsparc® arc suppressors. This new, patented technology will extend the operating lifetimes of the relays in the Striker’s windshield wiper systems by up to tenfold, providing a significant competitive advantage in long-term reliability and reduced customer maintenance.

Billions of relays are used, worldwide, to switch electrical currents in machinery and motors, but they all have one significant problem: Each time the relay’s contact points open, a harmful electrical arc occurs that degrades the points and ultimately destroys the relay itself. NOsparc products suppress 99.9% of the electrical arcing in relays, which greatly increases their operational life. This not only saves the cost of up to nine replacement relays, but it also protects the associated motors from failing.

“Electrical arcing in relays and contactors has been a universal problem for more than a century,” says Bob Thorbus, co-founder and CEO of Arc Suppression Technologies. “Our new NOsparc products now provide dozens of industries with a cost effective solution to the unpredictable failure of relays. We commend Oshkosh Corporation for its customer-focused leadership, and we are extremely proud that our products will play a key role in the helping the Striker lead the ARFF industry with the highest standards of performance and reliability.”

Arc Suppression Technologies makes NOsparc arc suppressors for both AC and DC power applications. AC products are currently designed to operate between 100 Vac and 480 Vac. DC products operate from 12 Vdc through 250 Vdc. These products are widely used in railway operations, HVAC and refrigeration, and precision manufacturing.


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