Bloomington, Minn.October 9, 2015

Minnesota-based Arc Suppression Technologies has been named a Finalist in the 13-state Cleantech Open Midwest region, winning $20,000 in cash and in-kind services. The company was selected by a judging panel of top cleantech business leaders at the two-day Cleantech Open Midwest Innovation Showcase in Minneapolis. Arc Suppression Technologies now moves on to compete for a grand prize of $200,000 at the Cleantech Open Global Forum in San Francisco on November 17-19.

Arc Suppression Technologies is focused on fundamentally improving the lifetime cost and sustainability of electrical power switching through the development and commercialization of NOsparc® arc suppression devices for both AC and DC applications. Every day, billions of relays are in operation, worldwide, and they all share one problem: When a relay or switch opens an electrical arc is generated between the metal-based contacts. This arcing generates heat, degrades the contact surfaces, causes electromagnetic interference, and emits ozone, carbon dioxide, and other pollutants.

According to CEO, Bob Thorbus, Arc Suppression Technologies solves these problems in a novel and extremely cost effective way. “NOsparc products suppress more than 99% of the arcing energy in a relay or automated switch,” says Thorbus. “This extends the life of the relay by at least 10 times, and protects the motors or electrical systems connected to the relay. We believe this simple, patented solution could save users billions of dollars across dozens of industries, including manufacturing, commercial heating and cooling, heavy-duty vehicles, railway operations and commercial motors.”

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About Arc Suppression Technologies, Inc.
Arc Suppression Technologies is a Minnesota-based company dedicated to fundamentally improving the efficiency, lifetime cost, and sustainability of electrical power switching. The company makes NOsparc® arc suppression devices for both AC and DC power applications, and all product manufacturing is conducted in the United States. To learn more about NOsparc products, please visit

Jack Klobucar, Arc Suppression Technologies, 952-292-8331