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HP_AC_blurb2Air Conditioning

As you know, the cycle times for your air conditioning scroll compressors vary greatly by time of day, time of year, shopping traffic, and even by location within your stores. Find out how easy it is to protect your rooftop scroll compressors from single-phasing by installing NOsparc arc suppressors.
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As a refrigeration technician for a major grocery chain recently said, “Losing a $3,000 compressor because of a failed $50 contactor is ridiculous, and should never happen.”

We could not agree more. Learn more about preventing single-phasing in your refrigeration compressor by taking 20 minutes to install a NOsparc arc suppressor.

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Rail Crossings

There are more than 200,000 railway crossings in the U.S., and when the switches that activate the crossing gates fail, bad things happen. Read more about how NOsparc arc suppressors are protecting rail crossings in Australia, and greatly reducing maintenance on lift gate mechanisms.
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Precision Manufacturing & MRO

Arcing is killing the contactors that run your CNC and tooling machines, and when these contactors fail, you lose money in the form of replacement motors, contactors, unplanned maintenance and production downtime. NOsparc arc suppressors make your contactors last 10x longer and protect your motors.
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