Frequently asked
questions about
NOsparc® Arc
Suppressors for
HVAC-R Technicians

How do NOsparc products suppress contact arcing?
NOsparc® arc suppressors recognize the point of arc initiation and immediately and briefly starve the arc of the power it requires to fully ignite.
How does NOsparc arc suppression keep the contacts clean?
NOsparc suppresses 99.9 % or more of the arc energy, and the remaining “arclet” provides just enough power to clean the contact points of any foreign matter that may collect from the environment.
How long will NOsparc protect the contact points on my power contactors?
Most likely for the full mechanical life of the contactor. Our testing has shown that NOsparc produces a 10x or more increase in contactor life expectancy.
How does contact arcing lead to failure of my power contactor?
Contact arcing is the leading cause of power contactor failure. Arcing is highly destructive, and the resulting pitting, scarring and welding destroys the contact over time.
Why does a failed power contactor often lead to compressor failure?
Nearly half of all motor failures are related to heat, and most heat-related motor failures are due to single-phasing, which is often caused by contact failure in one leg of a 3-phase power contactor.
How much money will it save me over the extended life of my power contactor?
A single 3-phase NOsparc product connected to a $50 power contactor will save you the cost of at least nine replacement contactors ($450) and many hours of planned and unplanned maintenance. It also eliminates compressor failures due to contact single-phasing, which could cost you another $700 to $3,600 per motor and many more hours of maintenance.
Are NOsparc arc suppressors UL Certified?
Yes. NOsparc products carry the UL Recognized component mark for the U.S. and Canada.
Are NOsparc arc suppressors patented?
Yes, NOsparc technology has been granted several patents and we have six additional patents pending.
Has it been used in grocery stores?
Yes. One of the nation’s largest grocery chains has rigorously tested NOsparc products to protect their refrigeration compressors and have initiated a broad rollout.
On what types of HVAC-R motors or related grocery store applications will it work?
Semi-hermetic refrigeration compressors, scroll compressors in RTUs, air door heaters, fans, dehumidifiers and any other control relays or contactors.
How do I connect it?
Connect two wires in parallel across each pole of the contact.
Do you have an installation video?
Does it come with a warranty?
Arc Suppression Technologies supplies a warranty to the representatives, distributors, and other value-added resellers that carry our product. This is included in the Terms and Conditions posted on our website).  In the unlikely event that you need to return a NOsparc product, please contact the representative from whom you purchased your NOsparc products.
For what range of motor horsepower is it designed to work?
Horsepower is not the critical factor in selecting the proper NOsparc product. NOsparc should be selected by using the application voltage and the maximum allowable current, which is equal to the Locked Rotor Amperage (LRA) listed on the motor. You can find our product selection table here.
What are the environmental benefits of NOsparc contact arc suppression?
Each installed NOsparc arc suppressor will keep nine failed relays out of the landfill, reduces by 10x the amount of heavy and rare earth metals used in relays and contactors. NOsparc products also reduce arc-created greenhouse gasses by 99.9%, reduce arc-generated electromagnetic interference (EMI) by 30 dB, and improve contact switching transitions efficiency by 20x.
Doesn’t a snubber do the same thing?

No. A snubber is a rise time limiter, meaning that it can mitigate some of the EMI created by the arc, however, it does not address arcing over 1 Amp.

Where can I purchase NOsparc arc suppressors?
You can find our list of authorized distributors here. Or give us a call at +1 612-928-5269.
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