DC Power NOsparc® Products

There is one universal DC power NOsparc arc suppressor (For 12Vdc to 250Vdc).

NOsparc MGXDC1F250


  • Up to 250 Vdc
  • Circuit fuse rating of 50 A (resistive) and absolute maximum current rating of 75 A*
  • Panel mount
  • UL recognized component


NOsparc MGXDC1F250
* IMPORTANT:  The absolute maximum current rating for NOsparc arc suppressors also represents the maximum allowable Locked Rotor Amperage (LRA) for motor loads and the cold filament inrush current for tungsten loads.

The universal MGXDC1F250 is a fully backwards compatible replacement (with great improvements) for the following discontinued products: MHXDC1F012, MHXDC1F024, MHXDC1F036, MHXDC1F048, MGXDC1F012, MGXDC1F024, MGXDC1F036, MGXDC1F048, MGXDC1F060, MGXDC1F072, MGXDC1F084, MGXDC1F096, MGXDC1F108, MGXDC1F125, and MGXDC1F250.