About Us

Reinhold Henke, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Arc Suppression Technologies, began his career in the power industry and has been fascinated by the mechanisms of contact arcing for many years. As he studied the interconnectedness of arcing, power contactor lifetimes and motor performance, one thing became very clear: current solutions did not truly address the #1 cause of switch failure: contact arcing.

After six years of research and concept development, Reinhold determined that advances in component technology allowed for the development of an arc suppression method that at the instant of arc formation could actively suppress contact arcs, yielding unprecedented increases in mechanical lifetime, reliability, and safety for power switching applications.  With this revolutionary concept in mind, Reinhold, along with Co-Founder and CEO, Bob Thorbus, formed Arc Suppression Technologies to bring this novel solution to market.

Now patented and UL Certified, NOsparc® arc suppressors increase the operating life of automated power switches by 10X or more, yielding enormous cost reductions in replacement contactors and switches, scheduled maintenance, and unscheduled downtime. In addition, NOsparc products protect motors from single-phasing by preventing failure of the switches that run these motors. Never before has there been an off-the-shelf solution to contact arcing that operates across a broad range of AC and DC power applications. Already proven to reduce costs in HVAC-R systems in grocery stores and mass merchandisers, NOsparc products also increase the safety of railway crossing gates, and reduce costs and increase productivity in precision manufacturing.

Arc Suppression Technologies is a Minnesota (USA) limited liability company, growing and supporting the local economy, selling worldwide, and solving a problem that has plagued the electricity industry for more than a century.

Our Leadership Team

Bob Thorbus

Bob Thorbus

Chief Executive Officer


Achiever  |  Input  |  Ideation  |  Maximizer  |  Command

Cofounder possessing significant start-up experience and executive leadership roles with large corporations. Leadership role in four prior start-ups, including leading ALTAFI, Inc. to become the 3rd largest MCIF business intelligence platform in the financial services industry.
B.S. Industrial Engineering from Marquette University and an MBA from the University of Saint Thomas.

Reinhold Henke

Reinhold Henke

Chief Technology Officer


Learner  |  Maximizer  |  Responsibility  |  Strategic  |  Connectedness

Cofounder and the product’s inventor. Well over 30 years experience in the field, extensive patent portfolio including several “world’s first” inventions. Background in engineering design, development and management has spanned large corporations including Siemens and ADC, through successfully running his own company, CTPX,  for 14 years.
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) degree in Nachrichtentechnik Fachhochschule, Duesseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia.