NOsparc® Arc Suppressors

Increase Relay Operating Life More Than 10x!

Relays and contactors have been around for decades, and billions of them are at work, worldwide, each and every day. But all of these powered mechanical switches have one major flaw: Each time their contact points open, a damaging arc occurs that pits and scars them and eventually causes the contacts to fail. The big idea behind Arc Suppression Technologies is a novel patent-protected solution for the #1 cause of relay failure: contact arcing.

NOsparc® VALUE
Our NOsparc arc suppressors increase the operating life of relays by 10 times or more, yielding enormous cost reductions in relay costs, scheduled maintenance and unscheduled downtime of the equipment these switches control.  In simple terms, if the replacement interval of a relay in a specific application is six months, the addition of a NOsparc arc suppressor would extend that interval to five years, producing cost savings equal to nine relay replacements in addition to the many hours of preventative maintenance that will no longer be necessary.

Never before has there been an off-the-shelf solution that operates across a broad range of AC and DC power applications.


Our NOsparc® arc suppressors are available in for both AC and DC power applications. We offer the only 2-wire arc suppressor, attached in parallel to relay contacts, removing 99.9 percent of the arc energy created during contact opening.


Commercial and Industrial Control Applications Include:

HVAC-R, Industrial Automation, Railway Signals,

Transportation, and Precision Manufacturing

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* We use “relay” as generic terms for electromechanical relays, power contactors, snap-action switches, and other like devices (having different names across industries and applications) that suffer from contact arcing.



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