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Why are you still using solid-state relays?

NOsparc®+Electromechanical Relay Vs. Solid State Relay

NOsparc EMR v SSR

An electromechanical relay (EMR) combined with a NOsparc® arc suppressor has performance equal to or better than a solid-state relay (SSR). SSRs generate significant heat and require substantial thermal management. SSR effectiveness and capability declines sharply in hot operating environments. A NOsparc® arc suppressor virtually eliminates contact current arcing in an EMR. Not only does the removal of arc have a significant impact on the life of an EMR, there are substantial environmental benefits to implementing NOsparc® + EMR versus the SSR … including the significant reduction in thermal load which eliminates the need for clumsy thermal mitigation techniques, simplifying design and significantly reducing component costs. The Arc Suppression Technologies line of NOsparc® arc suppressors are available in for both AC and DC power applications. We offer the only 2-wire arc suppressor, attached in parallel to the contacts of EMRs, removing 99.9% of the arc energy created during contact opening.



Relays, contactors, and snap-action switches work better with contact arc suppression!

ABOVE TOP: pictures of contacts after 100,000 operations without arc suppression and unsuppressed relay schematic.
ABOVE MIDDLE: pictures of unused contacts.
ABOVE BOTTOM: pictures of contacts after 1 million operations with arc suppression, arc suppressed relay schematic. For more information see our Lab Notes page.

Arc Suppression Technologies designs, manufactures, and markets the NOsparc® family of contact arc suppressors that protect relays, or contactors from the destructive arc energy created in power switching.Contact arcing causes significant surface damage to the contact in relays or contactors.

Our advanced arc suppression products virtually eliminate undesired arcing by adding the advantages of solid-state switching to the durability and current carrying capacity of electromechanical relays or contactors. This increases the overall lifetime, reliability, and safety, and decreases environmental impact of today’s power switching products to unprecedented capabilities.

Relays and contactors operating without load current may run 10 million, 20 million or even more operations (cycles). This mechanical lifespan, however, is reduced to as few as a few hundred operations to perhaps 100,000 operations (depending on application) when the relay or contactor is operated under power.

NOsparc® Technology

Like a fire suppression system, actively looking for the instant of combustion; our arc suppression products actively look for the occurrence of thermionic ignition induced by current constriction. When detected, the arc suppression active circuitry extinguishes the arc. Arc suppression is not active when the contacts are open or closed. Alternative technologies passively anticipate the arc. They are not actively detecting the instant of arc ignition, limiting their success. The industry has accepted this problem for over 125 years. We now offer a solution.


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